Health Goal Planning

  • Create an medical strategy that is right for you
  • Set a welness goal and stick to that goal
  • Work with our world class advisers to stay in the know about your wellbeing
  • Treat Yourself!

Don’t be afraid to make these big decisions. Once you start, they sort of just make themselves. Now then, let’s play. I think there’s an artist hidden in the bottom of every single one of us. We’ll put some happy little leaves here and there. Use your imagination, let it go. Let all these things just sort of happen.

Let’s have a nice tree right here. They say everything looks better with odd numbers of things. But sometimes I put even numbers—just to upset the critics. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your masterpieces. Just go back and put one little more happy tree in there. Just think about these things in your mind and drop em’ on canvas.

Trees get lonely too, so we’ll give him a little friend. Just beat the devil out of it. Making all those little fluffies that live in the clouds.

This is an example of what you can do with just a few things, a little imagination and a happy dream in your heart. This is the time to get out all your flustrations, much better than kicking the dog around the house or taking it out on your spouse. It’s beautiful – and we haven’t even done anything to it yet. Just let go – and fall like a little waterfall.

Let your heart take you to wherever you want to be. This painting comes right out of your heart. If you don’t think every day is a good day – try missing a few. You’ll see. And just raise cain.

A happy cloud. Very easy to work these to death. Nice little clouds playing around in the sky. I like to beat the brush. You have to allow the paint to break to make it beautiful.

There’s not a thing in the world wrong with washing your brush. If we’re gonna walk though the woods, we need a little path. This is a happy place, little squirrels live here and play.